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The IT Guy's Layout

The Connection:

I have been working with Steve and Ross Custom Switches since 1995, writing database applications, building computers, consulting on the IT needs of the company, etc.  Steve and I have become very good friends in the process. 

Recently, My wife and I bought a new house, so I have the perfect excuse to build my layout (and more importantly, I have her sign-off on the project). 


I closed my computer training and consulting business in Atlanta and moved my family to Texas in 2006.  My wife and I teach High School at a non-profit, private school near Houston.  When we renovated my classroom in the Summer of 2021, Steve purchased a 3D printer for us to use in the Computer Lab (I teach Computer Science, Graphic Arts, and proctor RosettaStone, Dual Credit, and STEM courses).  Students in my Graphic Arts class have been helping me design and print models to use in my layout.  Most of the 3D printed objects pictured below have been printed in my classroom. 

Steve has been very generous to our school.  Over the years RCS has donated money and also purchased uniforms for our baseball team.

The Plan:

The layout will be a ceiling-mount or shelf system - about 7' up - that runs through the Living room, Dining room, Kitchen and Hallway. It will also pass through a few 'mouse-holes' in the walls. It will be about 250 feet of track with 2 main loops and have 2 sidings. We will be using Ross products almost exclusively (I have a couple of boxes of Gargraves track that has been in storage for decades - these will be very difficult to bend, so I will use them for the long straights).

This project has been a long time coming...  Thank you for following our journey.  Return often, as I will be posting new information about our progress.

Contact Me:

If you have questions or comments about my layout, you may reach me by email:

Project Updates:

*** Update - Mar. 21, 2022 ***

We ran into some issues with the 'mouse holes' through the wall and had to re-route the track.  This includes another room, but only adds 25 feet to the layout.  The first peek into the wall revealed a drain pipe (can't move that...).  On the second attempt, we found extensive blocking in a load-bearing wall.  The new design will give us a few benefits; 1. The bridges will be more prominately displayed.  2. The curves on the two main loops will be O72 and O64, with 054 and 042 on the long sidings.

*** Update - Apr. 6, 2022 ***

The weight of the shelf and contents was becoming a concern, so I redesigned the shelf to have a hidden bracket instead of using dowels to support the outside edge of the shelf (Picture 16 below).  I am fabricating a few mock ups of the new shelf to test for strength and ridgidity.  The  new shelf is made from 1/2" aluminum angle with 1/2" flat stock, riveted together.  The outside of the shelf is 1/4" plywood panelling.  This design should be lightweight and rigid. We're hoping that the shelf willl hold around 25 pounds per span.


As we continue work on the project, we will periodically update the progress on this page: