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  Welcome to our new website and store!  As you can see, we are still under construction...    Thank you for your patience as we add new features and pages.  If you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to contact us
Wiring diagrams and full size templates of all our switches are now available under the "technical" heading. Feel free to print them out for free.

Thumbnail view of the IT Guy's Layout

Check out the IT Guy's Layout...

We will be at the York train show in October 2024

**Please note that shipping charges are being updated.  This process willl take some time.  The flat rate currently being shown at checkout may not be what you will actually be billed.  Typically, up to 4 switches is $24-30...$26-34 west of the Mississippi. Bigger boxes like a double crossover run $34-52. Smaller items that fit in an envelope or smaller postal boxes are considerably less, like $4-7. You may see two charges, one for the order and one for actual ups shipping, depending on the size of the order.

     Click on download RCS price sheet on upper left side of this page for prices that will be in effect on 10-01-2021. Note prices subject to change w/o notice although it doesnt happen often. Prices in store are accurate.

06/03/24....We are swamped thanks to you! Some orders are running 2-3 weeks We have cut down our phone answering times to 12-4 eastern mon-fri until we get caught up a little.

There are full size drawings of track and on technical tab above and scroll down

has been building O-gauge turnouts since 1972. Today we have over 45 different switches and crossings, and 18 different sizes of track. We also have track accessories and other items to help you in the construction of your dream layout.

All of our switches and track are constructed by hand, using tinplated STEEL rail for magnetraction capability and real WOODEN TIES. Your "O", “O27", and HiRail trains will never operate better or look better than they will on Ross Custom Switches equipment.

*DID YOU KNOW?- That no matter what track system you are currently using that there is a way YOU CAN MATE ROSS UP TO IT.

There are descriptions of the various switches we make along with differences in switch machines etc in the store. Click on switches link to the left of the home page. See whats new below!

Also we have a new book that I find to be one of the most significant reads ever! It is not about track plans, but is about what you should think about BEFORE you start planning. An absolute MUST! John Robert Coy, Model Railroad Custom Designer...$20.00. See it in the store under accessories. Shipping will be $4. Order may show $22 for shipping, disregard.

Help!.....Have any pics of complicated Ross trackage? We would love to display them on our website. Send some in if you can!
Thank you to Anastasios Lambos for the newest pics! Beautifully weathered and an incredible Ross Layout!

If you would like us to be sure we bring what you need to a show let us know in advance. You can save up to $300 on shipping 33" turntables for instance.


Springfield Mass, Amherst show. Attracts 20,000-26,000. Lots of layouts, all scales
Jan , 2025.

York Pa Train Collectors Show oct  2024 This show is now open to the public Fri and Sat. There are 7 big buildings with nothing but O gauge, S gauge, and standard gauge trains along with all the pertinent manufacturers. A CANT miss show!

Syracuse, Ny fairgorounds 11/2024

Milwaukee Trainfest, not new venue 11/2024

Check out our new 1 1/2" scale lighted switchstand (#60 in accessory page w picture) Will look terrific in your train room! (12v dc LED) Also, fully functional for your 7.5" or 7.25" gauge ride on train switches. 16" tall.

The IT Guy's Layout

-NO ONE else has the sheer variety of switches and TRACK that we have. This means
that you can build your dream layout in any configuration that the real railroads did, and
not be limited as you will be with other brands.

-We also now make switches in both manual and ready to run mode with the DZ1000
lighted switch machine and lighted controller. Just recently Z-Stuff for Trains released
the new DZ2500 switch machine for direct Lionel TMCC control.

Have a look around. New site features and products are listed in news. Visit the company store to view products and stop by the rail yard for links to other websites. If you have a question it may be answered in the FAQ's page. If not see the Contact us page for our email as well as physical address and phone number.