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All of our switches are available 4 ways:

        Manual switches are not pre wired for the train to run from one end of the switch to the other. A switch is a good place to end a block, so you dont have to make a cut or use a fiber pin for insulating. You can wire them yourself and save a few bucks if you choose.
        Manual pre wired switches are solidly wired here at the factory so you can just drop them in and go.
        We sell Caboose Industries ground throws separately if you want something to lock the manual switch points over, #208-S. Look in accessories.
        Switches also come with the DZ1000 switch machines or the DZ2500 switch machines pre wired and installed ready to run.

          Switch machines for remote operation we use are provided to us by Z-Stuff for Trains. We do not make them.  Dennis at Z-Stuff prefers that any questions about difficulties or malfunctioning of machines be returned there after a consulting phone call to him. 585-377-0925. This cuts us out, the middle man, and will get you faster service.

         A word about the two different switch machines:
                If you have a lot of switches on your layout, and prefer to throw them with your Legacy/TMCC hand held, the dz2500 below is most likely the way to go. However here is some food for thought. You have to go to accessories on the handheld, then go to switches, then remember what switch # you want to throw (are your switches marked in some unobtrusive way?), then throw the switch. Is the train already passed the switch? From feedback I get I would guess that 70% stop using the handheld for that function and revert to the pushbutton, either mounted on a control panel, or on the layout fascia near the switch. As for what the future may hold, your layout controlled by an I Pad seems to be where we are headed. This way, you have a graphic right in front of you and will be able to throw the switch by touching a line on the pad making it quick and easy. As for now I prefer the dz1000 and they are $10 less expensive than the dz2500.

      The dz-1000 snaps back and forth. It is lighted and can be thrown without power. Non derailing is built in but you need to run two wire (typically under the table) to hook that feature up. Use 18 gauge wire between included controller and switch machine. They can be uses with DCS and TMCC/Legacy. They takes up one port on you accessory controller for each switch.

      The newer DZ-2500 Switch Machine offers slow speed switching from the pushbutton, TMCC CAB-1 remote, or DCS remote with the AIU. Just provide accessory power and ground to your DZ-2500 and to the DZ-2502 Remote pushbutton. Only one control wire is required to operate from the remote pushbutton. Using a DZ-2001, you can create a DATA WIRE that you run from your Command Base to anywhere on your layout (this creates a “data wire buss”) and then connect the DZ-2500 to it using only a single wire. Non derailing is built in but you need to run two wire (typically under the table) to hook that feature up. Use 18 gauge wire between included controller and switch machine.
Compatible with GarGraves, Ross, Curtis, Atlas switches. • Realistic slow speed switching
• Fast switching for non-derailing operation
• Easy, pushbutton setting of red and green LED lights
• TMCC capability built-in - just connect to a DZ-2001 Datawire
DCS / 2-Wire mode for compatibility with DCS AIU and old DZ-1002 remote
• Can be used with DZ-1008 Relay Module
• 2/3rds the length of the DZ-1000
• Low Profile with screws and springs below rail height