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The History of RCS

Ross Custom Switches history begins around 1970 when a young Steven Ross Brenneisen, unsatisfied with switches of the time began making them for himself in the basement of his Illinois home by grinding the flange off from the bottom of GarGraves track and hand spiking it with tighter tolerances to real wooden ties. This was very meticulous and time consuming work, but it payed off in pride when friends would come to see his layout. He made a number of these for friends and interest began to grow. In 1972 Steve sold his first switch to someone he didn't know. This is when the company was born.

Eventually RCS moved over to the East Coast and has settled into a beautiful old brick building in the Historic town of Norwich, CT. Since the olden days RCS has continued to innovate and improve. We now have the largest offering of any O gauge company and are continuing to add more. Our products are still handcrafted and if you are in town, stop by.