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Ross Custom Switches' News worthy items

BIG NEWS!!!!! Click here to find out more about our new line of Tinplate switches.....RossPlate

Our current show schedule is as follows
April 22-24 York, PA : Eastern Division TCA Train Meet

Good news for Bowser turntable owners. Ross has made a drive upgrade kit for your Bowser turntable>

More about it HERE


We have new pricing that is available on the updated Price Sheet also available at the top of the home page.
It is our first price increase in 3 years. We held off as long as possible but with the price of fuel and raw
materials it was neccessary.

We Have placed full size PDF files of all of our Switches, Crossings, and Track on the website for viewing
and or printing.. Ther is a link on the product tab or go to them directly HERE.

We are now shipping the manually indexed Turntables. They are available in 4 bridge sizes. The sizes are 18", 24", 27", and 33". The automatic indexing kit is being worked on as we speak by Z-Stuff for Trains and we hope to have a test unit by the end of the year.

We are now carrying beautiful Telephone poles from DM&M Railroad Company. They are simply the
best telephone/telegraph poles we have seen. I will be making a more extensive page shortly for their
products. I will also be putting them in the online store. They are available now and you can call us at
1-800-331-1395 if you would like to purchase.
- TomWe Have added a new feature hilighting discussions around the web. Check it out here in HOT TOPICS

Well we made it though York once again. It was a great success and we thought the extra day did a lot to
smooth out Friday. We brought our turntable prototype and it was a BIG HIT. We are very excited about
them. The sizes will be 18", 27", and 33" bridges. You must add 6" to those measurements for the square
hole required. The OGR forum is buzzing about it here. You can also see some pictures on the forum that
our friend Jamie took here. We will have our own photos up by weeks end ...hopefully.

Tom 10-19-05

We are now starting to deliver Transfer Tables.

You can find Transfer table instructions by following the link or going to the technical page.

Tom 08-07-05

We have intoduced a brand new product...Ross roadbed. Check it out in new stuff..

Our price list can now be viewed without entering the store. Find the link to the PDF file on both the
Home page and the Products page

DZ2500 machines are now available on all of our products.



The new double slip wiring diagram is up in Technical


Check our NEW STUFF section you can access through the home page!

We now have figured out a way to wire the double slip so that you can use it with engines that have less than 6" roller spacing . The instructions will be up soon.

Z-Stuff for Trains will soon release the DZ 2500 switch machine with an upgrade offer.

Make sure to check out our new crossing....the 22.5 degree..


NEW!!! Ross has released a new #4 S-gauge switch. For use with scale or tinplate wheels we are also working on an 038 and 4-way in the s-gauge line.

Call and order one today! Prices are $29.95 Manual....$49.95 with Dz1000 motor and push button controller....and $59.95 with DZ1000 push button controller and Dz1008 relay to control power to the center swivel.

Pictures will be up soon

NEW!!! Ross also has introdused our first fully automatic transfer table. The first size is a 18" bridge 5stop. We will also make this 18" in a 10 stop and a 15 stop.

Future sizes will possibly include a 27" bridge 5...10...15 stop and a 33" bridge 5...10...15 stop.



Finally the RCS website has been facelifted. Our goal is to have a simple to navigate and informative website. If you have any suggestions or comments please contact us.

RCS continues to add items to our vast array of products. Some of these newer items are:


Redesigned for easy wiring and space saving. This is only 14.75" long and can be cut down to 12". It needs no special wiring for engines with roller spacing of greater than 4". For engines with shorter spacing , use the easy to wire DZ1008 relays that are specifically made to fit onto the DZ1000 switch machine.

#4 Yard Crossing

This piece was designed using two #4 switches in a crossover configuration, but since they are made together as one switch we can get the center rail measurements closer together than you can otherwise. The distance between the two tracks is 3.5" center rail spacing, perfect for traversing between those very closely stacked yard lines that you have built with the 3-way or the #4s in a ladder configuaration.

Double Slip Switch

WOW! A real actual genuine honest and for true double-slip switch. This is not just two wyes back to back, it's the real thing. Built using #4 14deg. angle frogs, it's only 16.75" long. Couple up with our #4 switches in your yard and you can go anywhere from everywhere on only 4" centers. This switch comes with a warning. The trains you run must have 6" roller spacing to prevent stalling.

042 and 031 wyes.

Due to popular demand we now have expanded our wye collection to include these two. The 042 wye curve portion is equal to its 042 switch counter part at 11.25" . The turnout portions are not equal to a full section of RCS O42 track. They are shorter because the length of the O42 track (8 sections per circle). The 031 wye rail length is equal to its O31 switch counter part and is equal to1 piece of RCS O31 track. (8 sections per circle). Our wye selection now includes the 11degree, O72, O54,O42, and O31. Nobody gives you more choices than RCS.

Premier # 10 switch.

This big guy is 28" long and 5deg in angle. Nothing like it in the industry. For some of your smaller trains we suggest using the easy to wire dz1008 relay to turn off and on the lead rails (also called closure rails) in the switch. This will prevent stalling. You can purchase a relay for the DZ1000 motor in the accessories section of our company store .

#8 Double crossover

49.25" long this thing is a beauty. Using 4 #8 frogs with 7.5deg angles surrounding a diamond. After watching even your biggest locos glide through these super wide radius set of switches, all viewers will be able to say is WOW!

Gantry Crane Track

This track is 29" long and has the same spike detail as the rest of our track. Your Gantry crane will look great going back and forth over trains on this.

Transition track.

We now make two different styles of transition track to bring you back to parallel after passing through our most popular turnouts, the 11deg regular switch (product 100 and 101) AND our #4 switch (product 200 and 201). We make these TR sections in 3.5", 4", and 4.5" center rail spacing. The 100 and 101 TR sections TR35, TR40, TR45 work with the regular as well as the 4-way and 8-track yard sets. The TR435, TR440, and TR445 work with the #4's as well as the 3-way.

Look for TR's for our #6 and #8 turnouts soon.

3" straight track.

Little shorties pre-cut to 3.

10" straight track

Z-stuff for trains.

We have a whole array of Z-Stuff offerings. Look for them under accessories in the store. Dealers, We are also a distributor. See us about supplying your needs.