Ross Custom Switches
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HOT Topics

This webpage will highlight discussions around the web that we feel can give people valuable
information about our products and that of our competitors.

We are not in the business to put down or desparage competitor's' products, but the first Question
we often hear is "Why should I buy Ross over another product?". When we post a discusion, we
will post every post within that time frame unedited. No posts will be deleted.

It is also important to understand that although we sponsor the forum, we have absolutely no control
over the editing of the content. That was one of the stipulations that we made when we came up
with the idea of sponsoring this forum. These are unsolicited comments.

We may make editing comments after certain posts if we feel that the post contains anything false.
These comments will be obvious to the reader and highlighted in RED.

Ross Custom Switches
HOT Topics
Comparisons to Atlas

Date started
problems that Atlas users have been having with their switches
general wireing problems with their "correction" of ealier issues